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Australian Cattle - is a very dedicated, hardworking and courageous dog. In addition to the great mind, the dog has a ruse. Australian Kettle obtained by mating with dingo long-haired collie. These dogs are indispensable for Australian farmers. They are equally well-guarded house and farm and graze cattle. Australian Cattle works well in large open spaces and can cover much greater distances than those in most other breeds.

To strangers Australian Cattle does not trust, he is always ready to protect the owner and his property. By nature, these dogs are quite aggressive, but if you provoke them, then avoid violent fights not work. Socialize and train the dogs to from an early age, the earlier you start to do it, the better. With other animals get along Kettle, if you introduce them gradually.

As the Australian Cattle is a very energetic dog, then it is necessary to engage in sports. This dog is ideal for energetic and active person who dreams of a gentle and devoted friend.

Wool from this breed is quite short, straight and rigid, requires regular combing. Molt at Cattle's happening 1-2 times a year.

The breed standard FCI № 287:

General view. Dog compact and strong, with good working qualities: ready to execute any command man. The combination of strength, harmonious structure, high agility and endurance make this breed unique in its kind. Any tendency to facilitate the weighting structure of the dog or undesirable.

Purpose. The name itself - Australian Cattle Dog - will give a presentation on the appointment of the breed. The main function of the dog - pets herd management in semi-arid conditions as in free ranging, and in large paddocks. The dog is so smart, that has the ability to anticipate the actions of animals. It is both brave and cautious. Very hardy. All of these qualities make it an indispensable assistant herdsman.

Character. Friendly to the protected herd, which perceives as his flock. However, the pugnacious with neighbors that should be considered in the demonstration dog at dog shows. Any other character traits must be considered as a defect.Citronella bark collar reviews

Head. The head is proportional to the body and is the main criterion of breeds. The skull is wide, slightly convex between the ears and gradually decreases to a stop. Cheeks are well-marked, not by unduly prominent. Jaws strong and well developed. The muzzle is broad, tapering gradually to the nose, well filled under the eyes. Lips tight and dry. Nose drawing.

Eyes. The eyes should not be oval or convex or hollow. They need to express the characteristic of the breed mind and alertness. Eye color dark brown.

Ears. Small, wide at the base. Stand-up, hung. Thick cartilage. The top of the ears are sharp. The inner surface of the ear should be covered with short hairs.

Mouth. Teeth strong, scissor bite, which is a prerequisite because the dog manages other animals biting their legs.

Neck. Strong, muscular, of medium length, harmony expanding the transition into the case.

Forelimbs. Blades strong sloping well muscled, but should not be loaded, which leads to loss of working characteristics as the dog thus loses harmonic movement. The angle between the blade and the right shoulder.
Legs are straight and parallel, the backbone strong.
Wrist joint must be flexible and well-formed.
Pasterns slightly sloping.

Corps. The ratio of the length of the body, measured from sternum to point of buttock, and the height at the withers is 10:9. Topline straight.
The back is well muscled.
The ribs protruding. The chest is deep, muscular and moderately broad.
The loin is strong and broad.
The croup is long and sloping.

Hind limbs. Strong and muscular. Thighs long, developed, wider than the croup.
The knee joint is well developed, the angle between the thigh and golsiyo stupid.
The hock is well-formed, paw steep, parallel to each other.

Paws. Rounded, with a half-bent arched toes, fingers are short and strong. Pads convex and elastic. Nails short and strong.

Tail. Tailset - moderately low. Tail length is such that it reaches the coccyx hock. At rest the dog holds the tail slightly curved when excited, or when running it raises, but not higher than the back.

Movement. Free, energetic. Vymah forelimb is synchronous with the hindquarters. The dog has excellent maneuverability and can run pas change direction. Loaded blades, weak limbs, abnormal angulation both front and hind legs - all of which is reflected pas agility and endurance dogs, should be considered a vice.

Growth. Males: 51 cm, Bitches: a little less.

Weight 16 - 20 kg.

COAT. The coat is short, smooth and very dense.

Color. Mottled blue, light blue, may have black or red markings.

Deviations from the standard. Height does not meet the standard, hanging ears, rounded ears, overshot or undershot, lack of stamina.