In retrospect, it is quite likely would have stayed

Paolo nobility of their own motives in doubt. While it angered that Helen put her family in this situation. And with youthful impetuosity, he decided that they plan to sell his own daughter to be stepped on.

He took a deep breath. In retrospect, it is quite likely would have stayed on the sidelines, knowing what the consequences would be. She contributed to her own fate and Khaled.

- I know, - continued Helen - I can never repay you for the lost years, but I always, always be grateful to you.

She smiled again, wiping tears from her lashes, and it is something turned. How could he leave her? Paolo barely restrained so as not to embrace Helen, comforting kisses.

But he did not dare. Once Paolo almost lost control. If he kissed her, it will not be able to stop, because it would have choked and his own pain.

Sighing, Paolo tried to forget about the disastrous consequences of the act committed by them so long ago, of another woman, is now associated with the very man from whom he had rescued Helen.

What about the fact that Ellen is free? Sapphire from the same fate he could not save. It is almost on a silver platter presented it to Khaled. Nothing to be proud.

It is necessary to turn off the conversation. Too painful wounds may become evident.

- I could not do otherwise - he said dryly, turning to her collection of photos before she noticed that something was not right. After a moment the rustle of turning pages told him that she once again delved into the study of securities.

Today's visit here - crazy idea. Should send a paper. And come to mean the same thing to rip the bandages with unhealed wounds.

- I do not understand - said Helen, wedged in his sad thoughts. - The securities referred to herein divorce. But I thought ...

He looked around and hesitated, looking as flares blush on her cheeks. When it became clear that it does not intend to continue, he said:

- I think - what?

- That marriage will be invalidated. Considering…

He stepped closer, marveling at her dismay.

- Given the refusal to perform marital duties?

She nodded, blushing every second stronger. Her chin stuck his neck, and Paolo involuntarily looked below, caught the eyes of her cleavage, openable cut gown.

The smooth, soft matte leather. Paolo gulped, marveling as they reached the execution of marital debt.

After he successfully kidnapped by her mother during the campaign for the London shop and hid until she put the ring on his finger, we were both on the rise, cheerful and carefree. They tricked her family around your finger around the heir of an independent Arab state. Richard Granger deprived of the possibility to sell the daughter and slipped away.

Sending photos and marriage certificate to her family, they noted the Student event in squalid bedroom provided by a friend, a bottle of pop, congratulating himself with extraordinary ingenuity that allowed crank case. We danced and laughed.

And then she kissed him and offered to go to bed. And all at once complicated ...

Paolo could easily have sex with her then. Simply and easily. But he did not want to use this opportunity, so that it is excited with success and cheap wine. He did not want it thought that he counts on the bed as payment for a service. I tried to explain the confused explanations. And she did not make any attempt to physical intimacy, no doubt relieved that it did not catch the word. Then he, too, was satisfied, and now wondered.